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Leaders in the industrial engineering and supply chain consulting industry

These areas range from supply chain, SMME development, business rescue, turnaround strategy development and implementation, world class manufacturing and lean principles, quality control & assurance, project and change management, financial management and auditing.

We offer a full range of services to :

  • Start-Ups
  • SMME’s
  • Technology Firms
  • Build to Sell Businesses
  • High Growth Business
  • Distressed Businesses
  • Motor and Allied Industries
  • FMCG
  • Family Trusts
  • Investors

You have the will, we have the way...


To be a leader in the industrial engineering and supply chain consulting industry by providing enhanced services to our customers to help them consistently make core directional choices that would best move the business towards long-term profitability.


To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.


To build long-term partnerships and provide exceptional service by ensuring customers realise tangible benefits.


To be innovative, creative and inventive in all we do and conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity.

A broad multi-disciplinary network at its disposal

  • Strategy, Complexity Management & Overall Systems Design
  • Facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Developing change management programmes
  • Capability building (training, coaching & mentorship)
  • Digitization and data analytics
  • Facilitate strategy development and deployment roadmaps
  • Translate the vision & strategy into tangible measures
  • Application of Theory of Constraints
  • Development of Lean & continuous improvement plans
  • KPI & Performance management systems





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Providing our customers with quality services that exceed expectations

We are committed to adding value through continuous innovation and finding new ways of delighting our customers, especially in the realm of supply chain management, associated manufacturing and business administration practices.

SMME Development

SMME's are grown by the entrepreneur with focus given to driving sales and income. Experience has shown that often the people, processes and systems have not kept pace which results in significant losses and costs the business owner. We aim to support you in developing your business so that also aspects work together in harmony.

Business and Supply Chain Advisory

Nikshen Consulting has extensive experience in the FMCG, motor and allied industries and the Supply Chain space with proven skills to optimize overall business, supply chains, manufacturing facilities and systems.

Business Rescue and Turnaround

Most businesses will experience difficulties, whether it is due to loss of clients, cashflow problems, high cost of doing business or major incidents. We offer rigorous action to safeguard your business against job & financial loss and possible closure.

Capability Building

We facilitate strategy workshops and demystify the links between the vision, strategy and operational plans. In addition, we can develop change management programmes to ensure team alignment. Developing capabilities so that sustainable, self-sufficient teams are created via targetted training, coaching and mentoring programs.

Business and Operations Planning

We are able to audit your end to end business planning processes and capability, followed by the design and implementation of a robust planning framework. This typically includes:
• IBP (Integrated Business Planning)
• S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)
• Demand and Supply planning
• Capacity and Material planning
• Warehouse and Distribution/Logistics planning)

Supply Chain (SC) optimisation

Given our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to support your optimisation and growth journey. Some of the areas include:
• Development of supply chain and business systems including import/export elements
• Application of Theory of Constraints (TOC) to unlock growth
• Development of Lean & continuous improvement roadmaps
• System dynamics and complexity management to understand and fix your specific problems

What our clients are saying

Nikshen Consulting is an approved contractor for PricewaterhouseCoopers Incorporated (“PwC”) - this relationship will add value to our clients as we will leverage off the combined experience and insight gained by both organisations from supporting many clients on similar projects. We now have to our advantage an elite pool of experts who are based both nationally and globally - a team that possesses an enviable breadth and depth of knowledge that will bring appropriate local knowledge and experience. Both organisations provide professional services and offer inspired vision, clear practice, fresh impetus, renewed vigour and abundant growth. We have an exceptional collective track record and together, we bring along a wealth of experience, expertise and best practices to provide the best outcomes

PWCPricewaterhouseCoopers Incorporated

Dr Kenneth Moodley is extremely passionate about SMME development and possesses the skills, experience and track record to add value to any business. He is also an active member of the IBASA KZN chapter.

Brian Moodley CBA CFP MBAIBASA KZN Chair & IBASA Board member | Bryco Consulting: Managing member, The African Dream Foundation NPC - Founder and Director

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